About Us

Fernando Pensato Sr. grew up modestly in the Puglia region in Italy, nurturing his artistic skills. In the mid 50’s he decided to immigrate to Germany where he hoped to bring the quality and savoir-faire of Italian shoemaking. He would create shoes that German women would fall head over heels with! 

His success was achieved, not only by the impeccable artisanship of his creations, but also due to the support of a beautiful German fashion magazine editor. She fell in love with his creations and helped propel him to the summit of his glory. She would become Ulla Pensato and his partner in success.

Ground breaking design is what drove them to rock the fashion world with innovations such as cork platforms, which earned Fernando Pensato Sr. the title of King of Cork; but also the first Swarovski encrusted shoes, heels made of coloured spheres and to welcome the new millennia, they invented the fully transparent heel made out of plexi glass. 

It is with this creativity and experience, that Pensato shoes are still being created for you, today.

Born from the union of a world-renowned Italian shoe creator and a German fashion magazine editor, Fernando Pensato Jr., was raised in English, Italian, German and French. Having studied in Switzerland and Boston, it confirmed his love for different cultures and lifestyles, and feeling at home wherever he was.

It was only natural that he wished to follow his father’s footsteps. However, Fernando Pensato Jr. did more than just follow, he created the Kardinale by Pensato. 

The idea came to him when he discovered the origin of slippers. In the UK, in the early 1900’s, hosts would wear slippers when they received guests at home. The idea that stuck with him was: shoes that would make you feel “at home” wherever you are. He created a shoe that was comfortable, made to measure, and incredibly stylish. The success of the Kardinale shoes have branded Pensato Jr. the “Prince of Slippers.” 

In a family tradition of shoemaking and innovation, Fernando Pensato Jr. has taken over the family business. He has kept the know how of his parents and has modernized and merged the two shoe lines. He is now designing with his partner that did Parsons school of Design in Paris. The two of them have brought a young and fun twist into this family business but have managed to keep the elegance and attention to intricate details with their use of exotic skins, unique embroidery and sparked crystals.  


FERNANDO PENSATO encourages you to be creative and provides a bespoke service! Choose your own monogram or your favourite motifs in combination with different colours on a large choice of different materials.

If you wish to send us a logo of your own we will get back to you with a quote for an even more personalized item! Anything is possible at Fernando Pensato!